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Universal Theory
by Dark Phoenix

Utopianism - Hyper State
- Utopian Energy Systems -

Natural - Principles

It's All Freedom Ov Choice

In The Beginning
 : Charity 10%
 : Wheel 10%
 : Show 10%
 : Fame 10%
You as The World
Key 2nd Derivative
Energy Joules $ Rice

Explained - Energy / Joules / $ / Rice

in one way it's all one and the same

and really should be graded in JOULES


like KW/hrs (kilowatt hours) only smaller

your a clown if you think kJ (kilo-Joules) is going to disappear from a bag ov rice

it grows in the fields it ain't goin away

seen how may watts the suns pumpin in

like 89 PetaWatts every nano second to the ground while its daylight

energy is JOULES, money is JOULES, rice is JOULES, electricity is JOULES,
sunlight is JOULES, everythings JOULES when it gets down to it

it's up to us as an evolving species to spread it around like

ya don't just throw a giant lump ov jam on the toast

- it just won't do - it's nice spread around a bit at least

seriously - it's all KW / Hours / Joules / Peta Watts / kJ

it's how the KiloWatts and the TIME is spread around

like ever tried to charge your mobile phone off one ov those 66,000 Volt power grid towers

- it'd vaporise it and probably you as well

what about if you had a surge and spike arrestor

- vaporised

you really need to work on your scaling and distribution a bit

it's just the way it is

This is Nirvana - a place where the world helps the world

success here is how many wells were funded, schools made,
farms implemented, food delivered, internet installed,
smiles bought to starving children who now want to be a marine biologist and such

seriosly - have you seen the interviews

bright as tacks - planning on uni and a degree

when they pick them up to feed, clothe, house and educate them
the schooling goes all the way to university

we really are achieving progress


by the way - THE FUTURE

soon there should be 4 types ov currency

less than 0 (credit)

greater than 0 (main)

less than 1 (nanos) - THEORY
(general currency still to 'cents' / nanos continue smaller as 'digital credits')
(some banks and such already referencing to this point)
have you noticed when you convert € to $ the ref goes like 1.000293948

greater than 1 (general currency - including 1/100ths 'cents')



this is NOT a change to 'regular currency'

this is 'DIGITAL CREDITS' that get way under 'the lowest coin in the realm'

end note:


why nano-currency....

***** SOURCE THEORY *****

Some Cafe's sign spaces on a card each time you purchase something

it's not money, it's not nano's   well what is it - Gratuities

when you have a set number, a cappuccino appears (like magic)

although the signing drives some people bonkers, it does work (in a limited sense)

it's some type ov etheral credit system

apply it to the fact that 95% ov the internet is yet to make $1

come up with meta reply-to page tipping

(from the history list by freedom ov choice)

everything in this world has GONE NANO (like gone troppo only smaller)

(now that may be an answer)


imagine you had a system with a server / bank that said we'll divide your tips up for you

ie. give us some small amount and we'll divide them up to 10,000,000 credits

(like a game machine) and you can credit people with any amount you like 1+

on the recieving end (you as well) they said

your getting credits through this system and every time you get above say 10,000,000 credits
they'll send you actual currency (totaled monthly ov course)

so you and a whole bunch ov people get right into it and support each other with page tips

and everyone starts getting something when before they we're on nothing

and seeing your going so well most decide to up their tipping a bit

you get more to the pages you like (dishy chicks and stuff)

they get more to you and soon your earning more

it's not some pyramid scheme because if you ain't got pages then you ain't gettin tips - simple as that

there's no wheelborrow loads ov cash for a loaf ov bread

there's no extra currency


this stuff stays in the 'unmanifest' ground reality - just like internet pages

this is the work ov the 'all powerfull elixir ov life'

it cannot function if it moves through the 'manifest'
that is looked after by the 'currency'

this is ACTUAL energy 'manifest' / 'unmanifest'

not 'big money' / 'little money'


now you can go to the club and get sloshed a bit more often

plus you get to pay a bit more tax (if you like)

wheels running - everyone benefits - your country - the world - the poor - everyone


firsly because energy can be eternaly divided

and these fractions were hidden to maintain a state ov illusion about just what is what

the continuum is 18 dimensions - 9 inwards to 9 outwards

this is the 'natural grail', 'guilded cage', 'natural 1/4 octave', '250 line'

the currency (money/primordial energy) parallels the same

9 dimensions inwards (10-9) (nanos) (less than 1)

9 dimensions outward (109) (billions) (more than 1)

like - what the hell can you get with 1 nano

as far as tipping and contribution to personal nature goes -
grace, light, flow, energy, connection, input,
a flowing energy channel that was previously closed

that's quite a lot for 1 nano - like what can you get for 10 nanos

Internet Page Tipping - Global Flow System

this would be the main use ov nanos

firstly let's remind ourselves that the light was separated from the darkness by FLOW (movement)

it's all we had then, it's all we have now and it'll be all we have in the future

repeat - FLOW - everything has to keep going round and round

something - anything - any reference - or we will dissolve

this is the same reason everyone walks around the monument on the way to mecca
by the way - has a great image called mecca

did someone say future - like is this futuristic

it's how often it goes around (fountain) - not how much you have (asset)

ie: the same 'asset' can go round once a year or once an hour

asset: same - flow: 8,765 times more


ie. if 1 billion people look at the SAME 5000 pages in a month (each)
and tip say $1 total (from each person for their 5000 pages)

(that's $1 total NOT $5000)

thats 1,000,000,000 nanos / 5000 pages each

which is 200,000 nanos to each meta reply-to address on each page viewed

thats 200 thousand nanos x 1 billion people is

each reply-to address recives 200,000,000,000,000 nanos each

which back converts to $200,000 delivered to each reply-to address

ov course this is extreme theory to make a point
- there are billions ov pages on the net so the divide would realistically be more

even so another / 100 is still $2000 each MONTH to each reply-to address

browsers could easily handle this from the history list

all as freedom ov choice stuff

and believe it or not there is a really large amount ov people that like to live in the second derivative light ov grace

possible, realistic, electronic and if you think you are going to quote ww2 then where the hell were the nano-marks

- they made the mistake ov multiplying the currency instead ov dividing it

they multiplied it by over printing money

(exeedingly and without real assets like bullion

- obviosly thought it would divide by itself)

then had to divide it

(cause they printed soooooo much and things really got messy

- remember the wheelbarrows ov cash for a loaf ov bread)

and called them New Marks

but even after all that they still DID NOT get under the lowest coin in their realm (division ov the cent - or equvalent)


it's sort ov like introducing a 0.0000001 cent coin - totaly unfeasable

and surely you don't think they'll actually produce nano-coins

- they stay in the electronic stratosphere (unmanifest is what this is all about)

in a way mini-credits already exist as gratuities for one thing or another

tons ov businesses offer credits (gratuities) for purchases, cafes - coffee, website hosts - search engine credits, the old 'Buy 1 get 1 free' etc, etc, etc

they might look small but when coming AT YOU GLOBALLY they can add up to real funds - really may help put some icing on the cake, creme on the coffee, 'top it all off'

can the personal energy spread ov 1018 be explained

you need to read on a bit here - we have'nt explained it anywhere near as clear as we first thought
this has all been a bit ov a one off - and we've NO intention ov doing a re-write


Space Time Continuum Jump - Through The Eye Ov The Needle

we arived here in Nirvana using astrometrics (Borg Style) plotting through the eye of 6 consecutive needles

the matrix (plotted on was derived and explained on and

they can be reached by 'typing' them into a blank page

at this juncture we're not prepared to provide a 'written link'

however you got to this page it is way way deep within the epsolom labyrinth



Note - abstract astrometrics stuff - not easily understood

you really don't need to understand this stuff
- the jump was made some years ago while many were asleep

New Side Note

fifth try at the short version:

darkness and light ('in the begining') is 2 aspects (binary)

all 3D refs are x,y,z (3 aspects)

any 3D matrix people know (2n x) 9/8, 8/9 conversion is standard to get in or out ov 3D to binary refs

ie. if you say have a 3D matrix with 24 bit sides (3 sides)

that's 72 (24x3) bits to store (9x8 bits)

however 'neat' binary likes 64 bits (8x8 bits)

72/64 being a 23 multiple ov 9/8

this 9/8 example is present right through the whole thing

End New Side Note


it's not really BITS being divided in the following section

it's the DUALITY OV NATURE that happens to have a binary parallel (how convenient that is) and has NOTHING to do with bytes

this is the kind ov stuff that's naturally occuring and can be worked out with a stick drawing on the soil if need be - (caveman technology)

(may well be one extra parallel for when the Budhists play 'stick in the mud')

essentially 9 x 8 bit streams were created for each quadrant (dimension)

from: 9/8 & 8/9 - the operating values we're 8,9

(nearly every calculation, every day had 9/8 or 8/9 (x 2n) multipliers in it

so we applied 24 bit (1ppm) to each ov the three sides ov the smallest 1x1x1 cubic block

side note:

that was it...

- however in the beginning we we're trying to encode data
into an etheral array created within the binary matrix:
(a matrix that exists in calculation only)
(possibly store more data in your data)

we felt to translate 'into' and 'out ov' we needed valid translator pathways

fair enough: except -

the matrix we we're using was a size matter

once we realized all we needed was the size refs on this 'eternal matrix'

(the matrix runs from 'eternal within the point' to 'eternal outside the point')

all we matched was the level ov purity (to enable human sliding)

the purity we used was 1 ppm (the 1 million dollars at the end ov the rainbow)

also the 99.9999% purity ov gold (1ppm)

we got a little mixed up in the 'translation' and described what we we're doing as dividing up the 'bit' so to speak

here it is/was:

by dividing the smallest CUBIC (in 3D) (1 cubit BIT) reference in the current dimension by 9 (8 + 1)

like are you sure 8 + 1 is 9 - yeah we checked on the calculator

this creates 9 NEW 8 bit series

(9 bits gives 9 different 8 bit combos)

end side note:

arriving at the 'same premise':

(Defining Each New Dimension 24 x 24 x 24 bit - Within the old 1 Cubic bit)

each new dimension is 224 times smaller or larger

being 'eternal' all that mattered was that we gave where we we're, at that time, a matrix reference
then slid the human race 6 dimensions inside that 'old reality' to the 'new reality'
(after some years ov sliding and stabilising practise)
end note:

why 24 - why not 25 or 37

it had to be a binary multiple ov 8 and 24 bit is 16,777,216 parts being greater than 1 ppm (part per million - a purity)

did you check that on the calculator - nah man we guessed
gee it's right on the ball - whatever

plus we had 9 lots ov 8 and we had to use them all up

gee good thing that worked out for you - like what if you did'nt have enough

your insane

(quite possibly while even in a state ov illusion TIME was given 24 HOURS for each day)

(this CREATES an ETERNAL method ov divide and has tons ov reference)

also it's one ov the first things you learn in school when they start explaining 8 bit series (1 extra - 9 bits - will create 9 x 8 bit series)

(this is through 'the eye ov the needle')

in culture -

Feng Shui / Vedic we have 9 Deitys on 8 Directions

in Music 9 muses for 8 notes

in the Koran 9 x 8 (the stream grid) parallels the 72 virgins (untravelled paths)

the 9 x 8 grid accross a mirror parallels 144

ov the 144,000 aspects ov self in the Bible

(the 1000 being primary aspects ov self

from the East / Vedic / Hindu / Buddhist)

so the energy spread ov each quadrant here in Nirvana was set at an exponential of 9

ie 10-9   nanos or nano-energy or

(get on your NE's)   actually meant

'get on your nano-energy' or your 10-9 derivative has been hidden

this is 'The Great Divide'

that's a whole global economy just there that was deactivated to maintain illusion

10+9 is the natural parallel on the + exponential side ov 1

so in short

10-9 energy quadrant (less than 1)

10+9 energy quadrant (greater than 1)

what happens if we recieve so much revenue (personally) that we go over the top

you'll be shot on sight

would'nt they send you a letter

(what - with a picture ov a bullet and a caption 'get the message')

the pink panther get's those - it's usually a lé bomba with the fuse already lit

- just kidding

seriously it's liquid energy ie..

raw funds, 'cash laying around', 'cash in your pocket' - NOTHING to do with 'ASSETS'

it's more like convert it to something

could we buy an island - yeah man - you could even get some lions for it as well

what about jackals - yeah - anything

what about if all the islands are sold

have you ever considered submarines

(the pool only has so much - the idea is to keep it flowing)

Realistic Possibility - CENTER

most likely the US $ (via the illuminate - complete with the 'eye', phantsmic pymamid, and the phoenix)

this gives 1,000,000,000 or 1 billion as the top end

and 1 Nano as the base line

which also matches 'PROPHECY' of the

'get on your nee's' or 'get on the Nano Energy'

if you have suddenly lost perspective we suggest you read 'Planet Touchy'

(in about 50 lines)

********* Note *********

the 1018 spread is Naturally Occurring - that much is clear

you should be reading this as


(and a common sense approach at all times

- someone's gotta present this stuff - at least try)

no-one's dictating, no-one's demanding, this is just the current understanding ov this evolution in energy managemant

these theories have always been defined as

'the lowest coin in the realm'   as it's center

if the lowest coin is now a multiple (like 5 cent piece) then it's singular (1 cent) would be the center

EXCEPT   the cent is already a division so the CENTER as stated may well work well as the 'EURO'

what is presented here is the energy spread (Ancient Philosohpy & THEORY)

to be used / implemented AS the continuum is returned to GRACE

the earliest and/or recorded source is thought to be with

The Priory / Masons / Illuminate / Rosicrucians

(although no direct reference here beyond those already mentioned)

GLOBAL ECONOMISTS work out this kind ov stuff - hopefully

********* End Note *********

just keep going old chum - that's all ya gotta do
just keep going

reference was also sung by Jimmy Hendrix   'no-one upping their worth'

meant - no-one going over the top (in terms ov LIQUID - Elixir)
(for it just may trigger a planetary catastrophy)

hopefully people will convert some to ground assets like real estate, vehicles, villages, communes, parks, theaters, schools etc, etc, etc...

asset is still there it's just the liquid has returned to the pool

there's nothing wrong with billions in asset

it's just the 'Raw Funds' (Liquid) that is important

this is why many have heard 'there is'nt enough'

there's plenty - it's just how it's managed

(and especially HOW FAST)

example - The Hyperdrive Fountain

it's like a fountain going round and round with 1 litre ov water

if you use a water wheel the flow and amount is'nt affected - and it may say power your room

if you bump it up to hyperflow the water wheel just spins at hyperspeed - this one might power a city - still only 1 litre ov water

but if you take from the stream (drink from the Elixir Ov Life) - then make sure you take a small sip

if that water reaches a low point the whole thing stops
kaput, endo, no-more, finito, kazam, dead and gone.....

nothing wrong powering up a whole city

it's just that precious litre ov water that we
really, really need to look after

that's why the spread is very large (don't forget it starts at 1 nano)

it's not assets that are a potential problem

it's the liquid itself


Planet Touchy - another example

there is $1 to run an entire planet on (Planet Touchy)

everyone can earn it, trade it or give it etc...

it's reference is hyperspeed so it comes past everyone 3000 (fishes) times a week

the only requirement is they spend / give 3000 a week

some even wanted 5000 (loaves) a week

once again all they needed to do was spend / give 5000 week

(all done at hyperspeed)

so the whole world had plenty for a long long time (and what a blessed time they had)

then oneday someone gets greedy and decides to NOT spend / trade the $1 and keep it

this catastrophic event shuts down the entire planet

nothing wrong with 150k or 250k / year

it's just that precious dollar they needed to look after carefully

(this is a good and clear 'example' ov one meaning ov 'All Powerful')

and even more so when 'Everyone Is All Powerful'

quite meaning your NOT clever if you cotton on to the fact that
blocking the money (energy) FLOW may give you some kind ov power over the continuum

in this example EVERYONE had that power

gee you would'nt want to drop it down a drain

or even worse have it fall out ov your pocket

someone could find it

would it be glowing

that's not the first time that's come up

like it's energy, contains time, contains kW

- you'd think it would glow


if you do decide greed is for you and UP YOUR WORTH from the ELIXIR - accidently or otherwise (deep inside you just know)

the gaurdian will COME AFTER YOU with all the power ov those it represents

ruthlessly, unforgivingly, relentlessly and SORRY DOESN'T CUT IT - neither does playing dumb - nor does thinking you can hide - it'll be right behind you

shown in 'Pan's Labrynth' when she was forbidden to take from the table

(because she took from another source already)

(like at the crossroads trying to proceed straight ahead

and proceed the right angle path at the same time)

(like being torn apart by horses

or being placed on the rack and streched until you pop)

if you have'nt seen it you really should

it'll scare the living daylights out of you that being coming after you

she used magic to get away

- and it cost her life (MAGIC INCURS DEBT) *** KEY


nuff said

How the hell do you work out what's what in this place

because these principles are Natural

something inside you triggers and 'YOU JUST KNOW'

were not on a suicide mission and neither is your sublime self

there's special subliminal triggers aligned especially for stuff like this

even if your conscience is still jammed (cause you just can't take it any more)

your conscience really is a friend if you give it a chance

(like - how many thousand years has it been)

that person knew $250k / pa was OK and damn well felt it taking the DOLLAR

it's like doing it 'just for the rush'

the question is not 'how do we know'

it's like   'is it worth it'   or   'shall I, sha'nt I'

this old notion ov   'don't take more than your fair share'


we thought that's what it meant

(this is what is meant by subliminal embedded triggers)

statements like these really are safegaurds for the ELIXIR

if your table does'nt have enough food

- then something may well be wrong with (primarily your own / and some global) energy distribution

there's a TENTH CHAIR at the end ov your own table for someone who may quite possibly be starving - are they getting a serve

this is why the Hare Krishnas have 'All You Can Eat' vegetarian feasts

(it's not some trick - they genuinely mean it)

also the MISCONCEPTION ov Have's and Have Not's in the FUTURE

(clearly another subliminal embedded safegaurd)

$150k / pa OK   $250k / pa OK   large amount ov asset OK (HAVE)

'UP YOUR WORTH' $1 from the pool - catastrophy (HAVE NOT)

the English sent it as

'Look after your penies and the pounds will look after themselves'

Arabia (or therabouts) sent   'The straw that broke the camel's back'

which evolved into 'the last straw'

it was'nt the extreme weight so important

- it was something extremely small

we thought that was about overdoing it - OH YEAH it sure is

same as why the Avatar only wanted

    'one drop ov blood from an innocent'

(it was the size ov the knife he was going to use to get it that threw her)

all this money stuff drives everone bonkers

yeah we know - us too - much prefer 'Joules Ov Grace' if anything

we just gotta get this stuff down somewhere

(reference is ALL we have in some areas)

it's no longer   'in your own time at your own pace'

it's en masse without mumbo jumbo anymore

- no need - illusion is no longer being maintained

(Derivatives are NOW seen in the POSITIVE rather than the NEGATIVE)

maintained now GLOBALLY are

dimension, quadrant, grid ref, platform,

this bunch provide platform STABILITY and help stabilise feelings ov Helter Skelter at dance parties and during pre-sleep and stuff like -
'when did we go on this acid trip - the walls are melting'

position relative to NOW and rate ov perception (T.R.O.N.),

this is the one that also helps stabilisation, HELPS you from actually BURSTING with excitment and / or overdoing it so much you just drop dead from EXPONENTIAL OVERLOAD

time (now flexible able to move forward and back)

energy spread


percentage ov those still caught in illusion (estimated 15% @Time Ov Publication)

you know your caught in illusion if you still think NIRVANA is some place in the sky that your going to live at

- also quite possibly NOT have a commitment to living in TRUTH on EVERY PLATFORM yet

a few more indicators if your trapped by illusion

generaly alergic to Nature
problem smelling LIVE (in the ground) flowers
problem 'jumping in the air'
think the ground is 'HELL'

- like everyone knows EDEN (the ground) Rejects EVIL
Eden is Nature while the Self (i) illusion is Evil

those in illusion get hot over-riding flushes that 'take over' (meltdown) for 2 Minutes occuring about 6 times a day
(this is a severe case ov 'death') - at least they have medication now

on that note - we all live 2 minutes away from psychotropic death here

it's just the way it is

paradise is NO place to be LOOKING BACK (read on)

your the ONE maintaining an illusion somewhere (usually the ground)
if it's to maintain perception somewhere else (usually the sky)

look - EVERYONE said for centuries - 'this life is an illusion'

well look who's maintaining one illusion to live in another
- you've got it all back the front, upside down and inside out if you think you've got it worked out

for goodness sake it's the easiest thing going - the TRUTH IS exactly that - THE TRUTH - just as it is

they were'nt addressing people like Krishna, Buddha and Jesus - it was them addressing YOU - and they ALL lived on the ground when they said it


TRUTH itself will NOT hurt you - it's being SO STUCK that you just don't act NATURAL when you try it - like if you feel like laying down in the MIDDLE ov lunch - then damn well lay down - otherwise your BEING FALSE and THEN THE FIRE STARTS - THEN YOU BURN - THEN YOU RUN - THEN HIDE - THEN EITHER GO INSANE or just give Genuine Natural a try - all this 'yes sir no sir 3 bags full sir' is the biggest load ov JUNK we have ever heard in our life and ANYONE is a FOOL if they think you need permision to rest or lay down or sit high


NAME 2 things in NATURE the same - THERE are NONE - ACTION in TRUTH IS THE SAME

it'll BURN the living daylights out ov you if you all do the same thing - it just won't do
- it triggers like a 'Harmonic Frequency Ramp Up' (the 2 minute death - aka jihad death spiral)

some sit, some lay down, some stand, some climb, many talk to each other from different points up, down, sideways, JUST NOT THE DAMN SAME

WE CALL THESE JIHAD DEATH SPIRALS - this is their NATURE - we have NO reference beyond this observation ov the 'Jihad' parallel

it's like a machine that spins real fast - like a grinder or a fast washing machine - there's a point on speed up/down that really shakes everything - this is called it's 'Harmonic Frequency'

if a machine is built and just happens to run at the same speed as it's 'Harmonic Frequency' then it will shake increasingly until it SELF-DESTRUCTS

in maths we call this exponential overload - meaning while a measure may be steadily increasing - the increase is exponential

instead ov 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - it's

10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, 1000000 etc. until CERTAIN DEATH

this is why people COLLAPSE at rock concerts when ALL are standing and also why 1 soldier just COLLAPSES while marching with the whole troup - and quite possibly a trigger for 'HUMAN SPONTANIOUS COMBUSTION'

when we were in ILLUSION - ALL the BOOKS were MIXED UP

as we return to TRUTH - now all the situations are mixed instead

(it's a lot easier to have someone lying down, someone sitting, many standing, and some on high than not even know what TRUTH is)

TRUTH JUST WILL NOT ALLOW FALSE OBEDIENT BEHAVIOR - it just won't and it'll burn you 'till you FRY

and for those who think they'll get smart - BE WARNED - THE ELIXIR IS ACTIVE IN THIS PLACE

and if that guardian comes after you - your very soul may just vaporize - never to exist (personally) again

('The Sopranos' should give you a pretty good idea)


gee - does everything want to kill us in this place - it's more like they're all powerful without realising and if they get smart the LAW OV BALANCE just may strike them dead
- and even if it does'nt that very nature is


all by themselves - it's already happening

- people walking off train platforms into oncoming trains

the latest is 'around' traffic lights
- apparently they're being 'skittled' left right and center

we're trying to save them from themselves

it's survival while being hunted by YOURSELF

just cause you've got a 'GREEN' light NOWAY guarantees you'll be ok to pass through

somewhere along the way you've gotta 'wake up to yourself'

and it's NOT OK to die
it hasn't worked for 5000 years and nothin's gonna change

your still here - WAKE UP TO YOURSELF DAMN YOU

this is the CENTER ov your MANIFEST UNIVERSE
- you ain't goin NOWHERE till you sort things out a bit

JUDGEMENT DAY - goes like this

well that was fake
so was that
and that part was so FAKE it's beyond fake

then it's like - good heavens what were you thinking

and an answer might be

we thought we were being humble

the next is like - where on the planet did we ever say SUCH A LOAD OV JUNK

then someone behind them say's

they're presenting a 'PLAY' where there so self righteous that they're mocking EVEN THE JUDGES

oh... are they now - well supose we better chuck them in the pit ov fire seeing it's all a jolly good laugh - then we'll poke them a bit

would we have a cup ov tea

yeah - we always have tea break

what about them - oh they'd like to bubble, bubble toil and trouble a bit longer - you get what you ask for here

after tea break - they drag them out of the burning pit and they say

so is our karma washed yet - nuh, not even close


Karma is a PRINCIPLE (principle ov balance) - not a thing

karma existed Before Nature - Before God - Before Manifest Reality

darmic service - (producing for the world) is the ONLY WAY to re-address karma

nuns and priests are in service - so are rock stars, movie stars, humanitarians,
polite society (with all their charity contributions)

it seems if your part ov the show and 'plugged in' to charity etc that's about it

you can still earn a living (by royalties/gratuities/tips like rock stars and movie stars)

service is about hitting the 'PUBLISH' button and actually delivering something to the world

The World Awaits Your Ongoing Gifts

din't forget the 'tip' jar/facility - in/out - give/recieve maintains balance

(the movie 'trading places' was a good example ov balance)

strange but true

Post Judgement Day


now this time for heavens sake TRY a life ov SINCERITY

and then - if they're lucky - it's

well if we live a life being Genuine Natural will that get us up into the clouds - nuh

well what will - back into the burning pit

after a good cook up - well how be the stuff

well we tried everything and the only thing we did'nt try was Genuine Natural

look to the animals - the way they are in groups especially

*** KEY ***

observe Nature
it's infinitly INDEPENDENTLY different

no two things are the same

Unification Is EVERYONE Is INDEPENDENT (Natural Alignment)

hope we don't see that one again - yeah well

time for the 'stoning'

everyone loves the 'stoning'

- and we don't mean the John Cleese version either

god they're a funny bunch - about the women who were dressed as men and were actually being played by men - oh yeah - even then the stoning got pretty abstract

poor old Brian - he had a great time - the time ov his life - were would they be without him - what a great effort that Monty Python gang gave the people - so much laughter


are we all lunatics - look - things should be OK - it's just - this place suits GENUINE NATURAL - it's just the way it is - that's the parallel ov NIRVANA

it's like who would be false in a LION'S DEN - what's the point

da ya recon it's - here kitty, kitty - well you may surprise yourself - if your a GENUINE FRIEND and have good cheer and LOVE it just may work - cats just love a purr session with a fun belly rub

and if not - well at least it would have a good dinner


it's like your working and always say 'one day I'll go on holiday' - but you never do

then to do you a favour - work sends you on a holiday to the Bahama's for a month

because work sent you and there are still a FEW occasional emails to attend

you find yourself saying 'one day I'll go on holiday'

you ARE on holiday - you just did'nt realise

even Adam had some work to do

the oranges did'nt fall off the tree, and roll down the hill into his lap (pealed by a few rocks and sliced by blade grass)

even if it did he still had to lift it to his mouth - as Ashton Kurcher said 'It just keeps coming'

it' ain't gonna stop

(we could chop their head off if they really want to stop that much)

(with a guillotine or an axeman? - er guillotines are pretty efficient
- then we could still see the beheading even from up the back)

just kidding

Prabhupada told everyone like 'one day you'll leave the material world'

what his disciples neglected was that even in 'the holy places' there's still trees and even cows

so it's VERY easy to mix up MATERIAL with MANIFEST

this place is the 'MANIFEST' reality - one derivative along from the 'MATERIAL'

the 'MATERIAL' world is gone - OLD EARTH is like a billion billion billion light years away


we lived HELTER SKELTER for 2 years to stabilise this place before flipping you here

this ground (how lucky we are to have any) is NOWHERE near as steady and stable as it appears - these are MANIFEST astral plates that resemble ground because ov STABILISATION

as for this place being MATERIAL - rest assured it IS NOT - it's one derivative off

well known and published by the GNOSTICS is

your greed knocks out ALIEN CIVILSATIONS, occasionally WIPES OUT the WHOLE UNIVERSE and generally drives the universe BONKERS and quite simply just won't do

what becomes ov greed is you still go over the edge now and then

then moderate it just a little next time

how do we get back


forget it - it's like taking a psychedelic

and living so many realities at once

that you genuinely loose track ov which reality is the 'real' one

like those adds - the woman is carer, cook, chef, dishy,

cleaner, teacher, banker, co-ordinator, musician, singer etc.....

THIS IS IMMORTAL LIFE (progressively - an evolutionary state)

soon this happens so often you've loose all track

(there ain't no backtrackin' through the chaos belt)

then you NO LONGER CARE - and just CONTINUE ON as if nothing happened

soon whole lives (life movies) die and fall away

when a character dies in a soap/series
they're not there next episode (generally) - except Kenny

what about Itchy and Scrathcy - yes, yes

Death V Magic

a point on death here

vessel death and death ov all inside/outside are two different things

we die many many times inside/outside - eventually all is destroyed however we still die occasionaly

we live as a whisper thin veil ov existance where 'the show' seems all that is real

we live as 'characters' in 'the movie ov our own life'

vessel death however is quite death / destruction etc

sure magic can re-assemble those - except magic here is pretty well OUT

debt like that outside ov nature is far too weighty

so here we respect NATURES VESSELS and let itchy, scratchy and ceyote do the dying for us

sure eventually NATURE comes to par with complete rebuilds - at least we think so

- we have'nt even achieved 'Rejuvination ov all Humanity' yet (@time ov publication)
- so let's NOT rush

many many years ago we crossed the 'NO MAGIC BAR'
only the vessel (as the world) with no magic debt can cross

- magic is OFF LIMITS for us

so is 'trade' by the way - we cannot be both ends at the same time
it's give give give for us - we live at the public discretion ov donations/tips - 'the honor system')

we all know the line - 'once I used to be .......'

- it never actually stopped - it's all arranging the scenes

you've been living a detailed immortal life - (movie)

it's just the script was jumbled so you did'nt cotton on

jumbled in this instance meaning

locked sequence ov perception (past present future) rather than

consecutive sequenced phantasmic perception (NOW)

(like abstract scenes ov an arthouse movie that consecutively tell a story)

realities fall away - strange as it seems

your still on the GROUND living a life



YOU decide what an overstep is for YOU

if you dive into 1 meter ov water

if you destory a friendship with 1 line

if the snake you pat bites you

if the squirrel you feed comes after you

we are dealing with ETERNITY now

reach in TOO far and you may drop into a void

ie. people 'disappear' in Aeon Flux

if you never learn to say NO (now and then)

you just may 'spontaniously combust'

The Apple - aka 'a severe case ov death'

pop goes the weasel

what weasel - our point exactly

we just CANNOT have 100%
- it's like being at both ends at the same time

- so we say NO occasionally

NO means no to 1 thing from a huge range

- taking into account 4 Modes ov Nature (parallels)
meaning no to 1 thing in different genres' (types, areas, fields, etc)

and not consecutively either
(people do this to try and get them over with as quick as possible for the feast ov greed)

in reality they come up genuine

- BEWARE the false ideal ov 'saying yes all the time'
this is where Truth can sometimes be taken as OFFENSIVE

latest is maybee the pineapple to counter the switch from 1ppm to 1ppt

is that code - yeah - 1 part per million to 1 part per trillion


how come that looks suspiciously like the last supper

there's a message there


TRUTH - (Genuine Natural) overrides ALL expectations (who thought ov those things anyway - this is a phantasm - surely reality is coming at you fast enough NOW to drop those FALSE ideals)

- it's being gentle with diversions is the ***** KEY *****


- do you know who's got the dope - yeah
who do we see - the candyman
where are they - probably dancing

NO need to start lying - just gently divert (KEY)   (it's still TRUTH)

in reality we would never suggest subjecting yourself to question time

********* MAJOR KEY *********

CASUAL ABANDONMENT is a necessary fact ov TRUTH

- just gracefully walk away
- if it's some authority have them burn you at the stake before you would EVER give up a friend

what about the hand puppet
has mr hand been staring at ya

full on man - is that what it's like out there - hell yeah - many develop pleasant ways to deal with truth and still isolate (Knights have SHIELDS - please consider USING them)

like - we'll do what we can to help

we used dope because in our opinion it's a Natural plant, Genisis 9:13 refers 'as the green herb' and Krishna himself asked for LEAF

these exponential DEATH TRAPS become more vicious as time goes on

and they're everywhere

NOW itself is an ETERNAL VOID

ever noticed an odd feeling at 6 PM (ETERNAL VOID)

ever noticed cliff's make you really want to jump (CLIFF)

we really don't have much choice

they're Natural, unforgiving (sorry does'nt cut it),

relentless, all powerfull (voids), vicious

works on smaller scales as well

nearly get hit by a car

if you say something (you'd rather you did'nt)

if you accidently destroy something

nearly accidently hurt someone

there's all sorts - and NOTHING stops 1's

(1 part per trillion still won't)


(happen once - there's a lifetimes worth in stock)

(if the SAME ONE keeps happening your becoming ill)

and for goodness sake don't give IT more power by talking about it

what about if a monkey fed him

well it could be possible - yeah sure

***** THE GROUND *****

it goes like - 'the holys shall walk upon the GROUND (Nirvana / New Earth) and the Wicked (see WICK - those drawing from the pool - ELIXIR on the ground to maintain a lifestyle in another dimension ie. the sky) shall be CUT OFF from the GROUND

(interpreted somewhere in revalation or parallel - Via Church Ov Mormon)

in short we have a LEAK - we find it, identify it, and fix it

the group SPLI ENZ (from NZ) wrote a song about this (Parallel) called

'6 months in a LEAKY boat'

6 identifing the primary 5 points and 1 reprenting the whole

also 6 months being really close to 180 days which parallels the continuum personal energy spread

ie. 'Our continuum has a leak caused by persons unknown'

********** THEORY - POSSIBLE FIX **********

consider making everything on the NET free ov charge (LEGAL AND LICENSED) and replace the charge with a quick and easy way for people to TIP

- NO DEMAND HONOR SYSTEM - research shows about 75-80% ov people really do like honor systems

and common sense indicates that because ov the ease the product flows 10 times GREATER volume and the vendor actually recieves MORE than they did when they were trying to sell it - seriously - EVER TRIED IT

- this would stop people continually stealing from MICROSOFT (creation parallel) and OTHERS and CUT the 3rd DERIVATIVE LEAK that very near depleted the whole damn continuum

you just can't steal it if its free ov charge

it would also take an AMNESTY (legalise and licence) on ALL software before it

once a business uses stolen software the 'DARKNESS' gets in then spreads through their entire contact base
- then their contact base
- then their contact base (still full strength - being a third derivative 'leak')

- an AMNESTY (legalisation and licence - no requirement needed) should stop most spread
- nothings absolute - however there ARE Thresholds

(this is PART ov the 'HEALING')

seriously it was   'LIKE A THEIF'   not   'BE A THIEF'

it's the best solution yet

- this is'nt about new computer/loaded software sales

- this is the public end


the kaballa 10 illustrates best and clearest

- drawn on the ground is like a football field with lines closer to the goal posts (THIS IS A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD)

also represented by the CHESS BOARD

ie. a PAWN and QUEEN (in fact the whole damn lot) are on the same platform

- what makes them different is the way they move (access and parrallel to energy for motion)

it's the   LEVEL PLAYING FIELD OV NIRVANA (NEW EARTH)   that is being referred to and managed HERE and NOW


how do you know when that was

we don't, we've been 'winging it' the whole way - a sign here, a song there, a red sun here, a trumpet there, some angels here, etc, etc, etc.....

why does'nt it look different - we thought it would

many can't even land in Bombay (Mumbai) without keeling over from CULTURE SHOCK and stuff like   'oh dear it's all true' - then they really are 'right next door'

also once you warm to the place then the task to bring it 'up to speed' to be what it's really like

it can be different all right - joining in and being part ov the world is a real key

also referencing state ov nature,

progress ov the revolution ov grace

(especially how close are we to everyone at least recieving food)

etc, etc, etc......(many referenced on Shangrila Times)

Special Note

in Nirvana people just don't want that much anymore

they like old cars, parties, making music, and smoking 10 paper joints

(specially from the candyman with just a small piece ov paper missing from the joint mmmmmmm......)

but when it comes to assets - greed just fades away - way it is

Why don't we just live like the animals

the animals migrate by the millions to follow the seasons

surely you don't think Russia is going to St Tropez when it gets cold

so we habitate where we are and we migrate the ENERGY

sure we move around a bit

we took 5000 years to build the parrallel world (Old Earth)

that this one (Nirvana - New Earth) was copied from

the ENERGY is moved instead ov the people en mass

    'Because We Can'